Moving towards modern electrical!

This is going to be a super boring post, but not every house thing is glamorous smashing and replacing of things and decorating. Plus this was a super exciting thing to learn about.

One of the things we didn’t know about the house when we bought it was the exact state of the electrical in the house. The house had two-prong outlets in most rooms, but in a couple rooms there were three prongs so the home inspector didn’t think much of it. I knew we would want to replace the two-prong with three-prong outlets eventually, and even assumed we could just do it ourselves. Upon taking out some of the outlets and looking into the boxes, I realized I do not have the skills, or desire to try to rewire outlets (the shock I received after I thought I had turned off the correct breaker helped to reiterate that fact), so I called an electrician to get a quote.

I was worried our whole house would need to be grounded – since the three prong outlets I examined were only had two wires attached – which could mean anything from sinking grounding rods into the property and running new wiring to every outlet and replacing all the electrical in the house with a new panel. I pretty much assumed that we were looking at $1000 job.

The next day at work, after trying to research and find good electricians in town, I asked my boss if he knew anyone that did electrical work. He recommended the (licensed!) expertise of the husband of an old employee, so I emailed his wife and we just got to meet him this evening. We got to walk through the house and talk about what we are looking for, and he wants to start actually changing things tomorrow morning, which is going to be such a relief.

We are looking at replacing all our outlets with updated three-prong outlets, plus installing a new outlet and circuit in the kitchen, a new outlet in the hall, and GFCI outlets in the places that need them. It will be so awesome to have the electrical updated, so we don’t have to use converters anymore, and we can look into replacing the baseboard heaters with Cadets!

The best part of all?

Our electrical is safe, once Jeremy is finished, will be totally up to code. Yay!


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