The weather has been terrible here…

Last Wednesday started the beginning of a terrible multi-day snow and ice storm that is not very typical for the Willamette Valley and kept me trapped in the house for multiple days with no way to leave. A light dusting of snow on Thursday led to a heavy snow storm Friday afternoon into the night and freezing rain all day Saturday. The weather finally broke on Sunday and began to warm up, but not before taking down many limbs and power lines throughout Eugene. I have some friends whose power just got turned back on today!

We were really lucky that no power lines fell and left us without power, since all of our heat, cooking fuel and appliances are electric. We would have been up shit creek without a paddle! 

The snow did some fun stuff though, being pretty and sparkly and stuff is nice, plus it gave me a chance to actually photograph our house a bit in the lovely sparkly snow light! 

ImageMaybe it will stop raining and this weekend I can post a small tour of our lovely, little house… Plus we’ll have a surprise by then! 

Also this:

ImageI am seriously dying of cuteness every time I look at her. Plus she looks so cute on that amazing chair!




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