Reentering the world…

Last time I posted, we had just gotten our sweet, sick little kitten Alaya (who is still murdering us daily with cuteness and is completely monstrous and healthy), and had a surprise to unveil.

Obviously, there has been very little activity since then, for a couple of reasons. On February 21, I was laid off from my job of over a year with no notice. I had known that my company was struggling for awhile, but had been assured I was considered essential and that my work was beyond satisfactory. What a surprise then to come to work on a Friday and not have a job by 2pm that afternoon.

Of course, after working (usually more than) full time for over a year, I was completely caught off guard and had to throw myself into job hunting. I have been working since 2012 in small business and manufacturing doing a combination of sales, customer service, account and project management, production, and administrative work, and was lucky to find a job in my “field” after only a week of unemployment.

I use quotes around “field” because my passion is actually reproductive justice, public policy, and non-profit development (fundraising). I am still looking for a position in my passion fields, but for now, my experience being unemployed taught me two things:
NEVER take the first job you are offered, unless it is the job of your dreams
even if it is your dream job, ALWAYS ask for time to consider their offer, because you’re awesome and you are allowed to evaluate how much you are worth to your new employer.

Case in point: Only one day after accepting my new position, I got a call from another local manufacturer I had applied with who wanted to interview me to work for a trendy, local, high end leather-works company. If I had been thinking clearly and given myself more credit, I would have asked for a few days to consider the offer from my current employer and could have interviewed with other interested companies.

You live and learn though, so I have wisdom for next time.

On the house front, being unemployed gave me some very condensed time to plan and search for ideas to remodel the house (because we are so flush with remodeling funds…). So far, my imaginary plans involve moving the washer and dryer either into the bathroom (is that strange?) or hall closet (which involves rerouting some plumbing and moving a wall, yikes…), and moving the kitchen around. So far almost all of our plans involve making our space more cohesive and usable, with more storage, and classic modern elements like bright white subway tiles, and brushed nickle finishes.

In keeping with our non-existent house remodel budget, I have made a pact with myself to spend every Sunday at BRING (our local reuse/recycle building materials store) to hunt for materials for our house. I went there last Sunday and got 11 sq ft of 3×6″ white subway tile for $2.50! I just need to hit the jackpot with subway tile like that just 200 times more since we are talking about white subway tile in the kitchen and bathroom almost to the ceiling…

We also planted our garden and are almost ready to paint and hang our amazing front door. I will post more about our remodeling plans (with photos) soon.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!


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