Assembling the kitchen 

Hi friends!

Since my last check in, I’ve painted 2/3s of the house (have the guest room and kitchen left) and have assembled 75% of my new kitchen cabinets. 

I’m actually really enjoying putting together the cabinets, they’re straightforward and only take a few minutes for the carcass. The hard part is making sure all your hinges and slides are all in the right place. Since all of my cabinets except the lazy Susan and two pantry cabinets are drawers with doors, in trying to pay close attention so everything looks good. 

Right now everything is strewn about the living room, both bedrooms, and kitchen, which isn’t great, especially since demo starts Friday. But I’m much farther along than last week when I started. 

Will update more later, but above is kind of where I’m at. I’m working on the last two uppers now, then may try assembling some of the drawers for the pantry cabinets. 


Ps. I highly recommend watching Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 over and over again while assembling a kitchen. It’s amazing and makes me miss my days working with choirs. 🎶


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